Western Lady IV Holidays

History of Western Lady IV

Built 1942 solent shipyard lower stan wick southampton
Fairmile b designation no rml526 ( rescue motor launch )
Length 112 feet
Beam 18 feet
Draught 4ft 10 inches
Gross tonnage 138 imp tons
Max speed 24 knots
Construction mahogany hull double diagonal ( carvel )
Decks teak double diagonal
Keel english oak
Frames plywood composite
Stringers pitch pine
Engines two hall and scot defender petrol each 600 hp

Crew two officers,two petty officers 12 to 14 ratings.

Weapons two pounder cannons, two lewis guns and twelve depth charges.

Asdic submarine sonar was fitted as standard.

1943 she was attached to the 63rd flotilla falmouth patrolling the western approaches ,deployed for a time at the scilly iles, lundy and of coarse plymouth, at the close of the war she was sold complete to a gentleman from the isle of wright she undertook a small amount of modification then steamed for gibraltar were she then ran contraband back and forth from tangiers. After being arrested an brought back to falmouth by the admiralty her engines and weapons removed. She was then sold to the edhouse family from brixham devon towed to millbay docks plymouth to undertake a conversion to a ferry ,her engines were replaced with two gardiner diesel marine engines ,that are still operational today. She had a saloon constructed on her aft deck to facility passengers her bulk head doors were sealed and the engine room fireproofed. She then went into service as a commercial ferry operating from brixham to torquay licensed to carry up to 175 passengers . She was finally retired in 2002 and placed for sale by her owners. She lay in a creek until november 2006 when her current owners purchased her.


January 2006 saw her aft saloon removed to assist in the identification of rotten deck planks ,her decks were bead blasted to remove 60 years of paint,damaged planks were replaced,then started the painstaking job of pulling all the old deck caulking out by hand ,once removed fresh putty mixed with red lead powder greese and linseed oil was used to re caulk her decks , her fly bridge deck was totaly rebuilt ,and all her superstructure paint stripped back to  bear wood. march 2006 saw her fitted with a new 35kva generater . her previously sealed bulk head doors were re-openend .new navigation equipment was fitted .june 2006 saw her hull ,deck and superstructure totaly repainted, finnally in september 2006 we were ready to way anchor and steam for her new home in cornwall .
The rest of 2006 till 2008 saw a £100.000 internal refit including total rewiring ,plumbing,new galley,new bathroom.refitted engine room.  the restoration work and fitting out still continues althou we are now ready to offer the chance of a unique stay with us.